sarto, September 26, 2019

Style Tips by Sarto Luxury Tailoring: Creating Your Suit Wardrobe

We all, at some stage in our adult lives, will need to purchase a suit. Here at Sarto, we’re sort of suit crazy. There are many occasions where suits are a requirement; work dress code, weddings, black tie events, and funerals. Wearing a suit, though, doesn’t have to be an inconvenience, uncomfortable or only for rare occasions. Let’s be honest, everyone loves a good suit, so where is yours? We have put together some tips on what to look for when purchasing your perfect suit.

The Weight Division:

When on the hunt for your perfect suit, think about when you’ll be wearing your suit. Will it be during warm Summer days or the cooler Autumn/Winter months? Imagine attending a Summer Wedding in a woollen suit! Fabrics come in all different weights that are measured in grams or ounces. Fabrics that are around the 11-13oz are considered mid-weight and in the UK is the perfect all-year-round suit. Your cooler clothes are classed as lightweight and are perfect for the Summer months, hotter climate, and destination Weddings. Anything over that weight is classed as heavyweight. The more modern version of a heavier cloth is reserved more for tweeds.

The Colour Pallet:

Are you purchasing your first suit? Our style tip is to always choose a cool Navy or flexible Charcoal suit. These colours are considered the staples when it comes to wearing a suit; versatile for any occasion, perfect for all seasons and can be easily paired with any colour shirt and shoe. Your Navy/Charcoal suit jacket will also pair well with chinos or jeans for a more Smart Casual look. If you’re feeling comfortable in your suit and looking to diversify, we suggest a Pinstripe or Chalk Stripe suit. These suits are best reserved for those more corporate environments and shouldn’t be worn outside the office or for a weekend event.

The Perfect Fit:

When it comes to purchasing a suit off the rack, it can be difficult to finding a suit that fits you perfectly. There are two key signs that make for a well fitted suit. First, the shoulders; if your shoulders fit right then everything else from the jacket, such as the waist and sleeves, can be altered to your form. The second key sign is the trouser fit; this is a little different and there really is not a right or wrong way to how yours trouser should fit. When you’re feeling overwhelmed by the large array of trouser styles though, our Sarto Luxury Tailoring tip is to choose a slim taper. Avoid trouser that are too tight and too wide with the hem. You want the leg to be sitting on the shoe with only one natural crease by the trouser when they fall onto the shoe.

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