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Suits S/S ’19

The Business Collection:

Starting price from £530 the Business Collection offering specific design options on a wide variety cloths choices. This is a fused construction with smart details on a 365-days wearing cloth. Allow 4 weeks for 2nd fitting.

The Sartorial Collection:

Separate on two different constructions, the half-canvas and the full-canvas.

The half-canvas starting prices from £680 and the full-canvas starting prices from £900. The different between these two makings is, on full-canvas garments applying the hand-finishing details on buttonholes, shoulders and piping stitching which gives a bit more luxury garments. Allow 4-6 weeks for 2nd fitting.

The Luxury Collection:

Starting prices from £1050 the Luxury Collection offering a full hand-made construction available only on full canvas garments. The finest of luxury details and the perfectly tailoring fitting makes the different on these collection. You could choose your cloth of the finest Italian and British cloths suppliers around the world. Allow 4-6 weeks for the 2nd fitting.

*all the above styles depends the cloth choices the prices and the delivery dates change.

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