For the custom jeans, we have hand-selected the best denim from the most famous denim mills around the globe: the Italian Candiani, Blue Selvedge and Olimpias Mills, the Japanese Kuroki Mill, and the historical White Oak Mill in the United States. In addition to a range of design options, we’ll also be introducing 2 distinct jean makes: The Standard, which incorporates the details and construction techniques essential to any pair of high quality jeans, and The Traditional, which we consider the full canvas of jeans thanks to its many historical, durable and sartorial details.

*Starting price £280

*Please allow us 5 weeks for 2nd fitting.


Made-to-measure chinos are a wardrobe essential offering the perfect informal alternative to the standard pair of jeans. Ideal for all casual occasions, whether at the office, during the weekend or while on vacation. We offer two different styles in two different construction methods, two fits and a multitude of cotton fabrics to choose from, such as twills, broken twills, moleskins and corduroys.

*Starting price £265.00

*Please allow us 4 to 5 weeks for 2nd fitting.


Falling somewhere between your everyday chino and traditional suit trouser, we bring you the drawstring trouser with an elasticated waistband. This is some seriously comfortable workwear, with a sharp element. Not to mention, fun to wear. Design yours to be as functional as they are stylish with optional cargo pockets for your belongings.

With the options to choose from wool, cotton or linen cloths.

*Starting price £265

*Estimated delivery time: 4 weeks


What about an overshirt instead of a jacket?
Originally a workwear staple, the overshirt Jacket is having a renaissance in the world of tailoring. As the world continues its trend toward casualisation, the shirt jacket plays the flexible role of a layering garment without the appearance and convention of a traditional jacket.

Our shirt jacket is constructed using fabric only (no padding, canvas, linings), making for a relaxed and comfortable garment.

With the option to choose both lightweight and heavyweight cloths, our shirt jacket is transeasonal by design, allowing both summer and winter fabric possibilities.

*Starting price £240

*Estimated delivery time: 3 weeks


Accessories are the finishing touch for any look. Each year we launch two seasonal accessories collections and a 365 collection for wear all year round. All hand-made by a family-owned business in Northern Italy.

Tipped or Un-tipped, 7-fold or bobtail knitted are the makings we offer on ties. Bowtie: Folded or Unfolded Hand-rolled or Hand-stitched pocket squares.

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